The Domaine d'Ognoas site does not have an audit concerning its accessibility, it is therefore considered not accessible (absence of a valid audit and/or if less than 50% of the RGAA control criteria are respected ).

The Domaine d'Ognoas makes every effort to comply with the recommendations of the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) which determine how to make websites technically accessible and thus to facilitate navigation.

The shortcut keys available for this website

Access to tools

  • Shortcut keys : 0
  • Home : 1
  • Site plan : 3
  • Search engine : 4
  • Contact : 5

Access to main menu

  • News : 2
  • Discovering: 6
  • Visiting : 7
  • Staying: 8
  • Tasting : 9
  • Boutique : i

How to use the shortcut keys?

The combination of keys varies from one operating system or browser to another.

The keyboard shortcuts from 0 to 9 do not work with the numeric keypad. To facilitate use of the numeric keyboard shortcuts, you should therefore activate caps lock or remember to use the temporary capitals key (shift).

  • IE Windows: Alt and [keyboard shortcut], then Enter;
  • Chrome Google: Activate the caps lock then press Alt and the desired number;
  • Mozilla, Netscape, K-Meleon, FireFox Windows: Alt and [keyboard shortcut];
  • Opera 7 Windows, Macintosh, Linux: Esc + Shift and [keyboard shortcut];
  • MSIE Macintosh: Ctrl and [keyboard shortcut], then Enter;
  • Safari 1.2 Macintosh: Ctrl and [keyboard shortcut];
  • Mozilla, Netscape Macintosh: Ctrl and [keyboard shortcut];
  • Galeon/Mozilla/FireFox Linux: Alt and [keyboard shortcut];
  • Konqueror 3.3+: Ctrl, the, [keyboard shortcut] (successively);

Netscape 4, Camino, Galeon, Konqueror prior to version 3.3.0, Omniweb, Safari prior to version 1.2, Opera Windows/Linux prior to version 7 do not support the access keys.

You can also browse our pages using the TAB key. The order followed is the order in which the links appear on the page.
Once placed on the link of your choice, hit ENTER.

How to increase/decrease the text size?

You can alter the size of any texts using the following shortcut:

On a PC

Ctrl and thumbwheel on the mouse or Ctrl and the + and – keys on the keyboard:
increases or decreases the display size on the screen

Ctrl+ Shift + 0 on the alphanumeric keypad :
initialises the text size

On a MAC

Use the Apple key instead of Ctrl

Voice synthesis

The Domaine d’Ognoas website is optimised for the use of voice synthesis tools. The contents are hierarchized such that voice playback can distinguish the different heading levels. An alternative text is allocated to each image present on the website.