Armagnac douceur cocktail

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Armagnac douceur cocktail

By Qualité Landes, an association founded in 2001 & initiated by the Landes Conseil Général and Chamber of Agriculture, is tasked with promoting the jewels of the local agricultural scene

Preparation 10 mn

Baking -

List of ingredients

  • 10cl Armagnac
  • 10cl lemon juice
  • 10cl orange juice
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 40cl sparkling water

The recipe

  • Place the orange juice and lemon juice, Armagnac and honey in a shaker together with some crushed ice.
  • Shake for 1 min., pour into four glasses and top up with sparkling water.

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous to your health. To be consumed with moderation.