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They talk about us

  • 12 medals for the Armagnac landais at the general agricultural competition in Paris
    February 2015

    At the Salon international de l'agriculture 2015, the Domaine d'Ognoas won four medals, three of which were gold.

  • Trou Normand’s brandy cocktails
    December 2014

    The perfect holiday drink

  • Tasted 100% blind, Armagnacs from the Domaine d'Ognoas
    November 2014

    Markus del Monego (Germany) and Andreas Larsson (Sweden) have decided to constitute a blind tasting team.

  • Armagnac: an exceptional product from a unique home.
    May 2014

    Granted AOC status (registered designation of origin) in 1936, Armagnac is made following a traditional recipe using the know-how of the past that winemakers make every effort to respect

  • Arditi, Gascon at heart
    April 2013

    Episode 8 of the series "Le Sang de la vigne", broadcast on France 3, was filmed in Gascony

  • Domaine d'Ognoas 2010 , the vintage of the century?
    December 2010

    At the Domaine d'Ognoas, we don't want to waste a single drop from the grapes that grow on the tawny sands.

  • Ognoas chocolates
    December 2010

    Ten-year-old Armagnac XO and cocoa: the XL chocolate has been officially presented